Inject Terminals Instantly from Anywhere in the World with PAX Remote Key Injection

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PAX Remote Key Injection (RKI) allows merchants to automatically, quickly and safely complete the injection of PIN protection keys and payment terminal messages at the point of sale.

This means that payment terminals can be sent directly from the manufacturer, acquirer or payment service provider to the merchant and be connected to the payment system, request a unique key, receive the key injection remotely in complete security directly at the point of sale.

A PCI P2PE certified RKI solution such as the solution offered by PAX Technology also saves customers time and money in implementing payment solutions, as they will not need to submit the necessary security mechanisms to PCI certification.

Remote Key Injection vs Local Key Injection

Remote key injection offers a faster and safer alternative to the traditional manual key injection process in a secure room, as terminals no longer move to-and-from a physical Key Injection facility. During the Local key injection process the keys are injected manually at a specific facility (KIF - Key Injection Facility) and this leads to longer delivery times, as well as higher shipping and administration costs.

Benefits of PAX RKI:

  • Forget the complexities and exorbitant costs of setting up and maintaining your own secure room and server equipment.
  • Save on training specialized personnel and employing mandatory re-certifications.
  • Reduce shipping and administrative costs with the move from a traditional Key Injection Facility (KIF).
  • Conveniently, quickly and securely deploy key injection from anywhere, at anytime.

The RKI solution offered by PAX Italia

PAX Italia provides Remote Key Injection service for PAX customers within the EMEA region.

The Remote Key Injection (RKI) allows acquirers and payment service providers (PSP) to inject their keys without the help of an LKI by exploiting the security mechanisms active on the terminal itself, in a fast and secure way through the online service specifically certified PCI P2PE.

"Thanks to the PAX Italia RKI solution, we are able to start banking projects quickly and securely. It enables us to board every business faster, significantly reduces time to market, and saving us time on PCI assessment, as the solution is already certified. Regardless of which country our customers operate in, we guarantee security and speed in implementing PIN keys and SRED data on POS terminals at all times." - Norman Roberts York, Managing Director of PAX UK.

The service is available for Android terminals via PAXSTORE (RKI Service) or via Web access (paxRhino) for traditional terminals. paxRhino Remote Key Injection offers a certified and secure Remote Key Injection (RKI) service for the implementation of PIN keys and SRED data, from point-to-point encryption (P2PE) to point-of-sale terminal (POS) hardware.

"We have invested in technology and skills development of our people to host the Remote Key Injection solution in Milan, and be the reference point for the entire EMEA region. We are very proud of the certifications obtained, and of everything that has been put in place to make this solution operational" concludes Stefano Loporchio, CIO of PAX Italia.