User case: Loyalzoo loyalty and marketing app on PAXSTORE




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How is your app helping merchants improve consumer loyalty and engagement?

Our partnership with PAXSTORE allows merchants to download the Loyalzoo loyalty application directly into the PAX terminals, and create and run their own digital loyalty program on PAX terminal in under 2 minutes. Merchants can engage customers through point notifications and promotions delivered by SMS/text, email or push. The best part is that customers do not need to use an app to participate. Merchants who run the loyalty program with Loyalzoo grow revenues by 13% on average, by simply increasing customer retention, and without reducing margins.

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What makes the Loyalzoo software special?

  • Your very own loyalty program. No more paper or plastic loyalty cards, a completely digital loyalty solution

  • Drives increased customer spend & repeat visits with fast customer registration and check-in

  • Send point balances, rewards and blast marketing messages via SMS, email or push to influence more sales

  • Handsfree Marketing sends automated targeted promotions to VIP, new and "slipping away" customers

  • Full tutorial suite - no staff training required. Takes only mins to set-up and start using in-store

  • 24/7 live chat customer service - available directly from your PAX device or at

  • Supports bricks-and-mortar stores, with the addition of online loyalty

  • Integrated with SmartVolution Register for automatic loyalty points and rewards

Partner with Loyalzoo:

Loyalzoo's Digital Loyalty software is the easiest way to provide added-value to merchants with their PAX device. Business owners can drive customer retention with exciting loyalty rewards and implement automatic marketing campaigns with the click of a button.

Mark Roberts, CEO of 123Send: "As a leading independent payment service provider to the UK SME market, we are delighted to have agreed a partnership with Loyalzoo.The Loyalzoo software is the perfect value-added service on our innovative PAX A920 POS solution and Payment terminal. A loyalty program that drives extra customer spend for a small business, as well as taking care of a merchant’s marketing."

“During this challenging trading period for UK businesses, we are proud to be delivering solutions like Loyalzoo which will make a real difference to our valued customers and provides 123Send with a competitive edge.” Mark Roberts concluded.

The partnership between PAX and Loyalzoo:

“Being on PAXSTORE is a big event for us. In the last five years we’ve worked on a lot of integrations with major smart POS providers. We realised at an early stage that to make loyalty a valuable add-on for merchants, it has to be integrated into the payment process. At a practical level, you need a solution that does not obstruct the merchant’s sales process. More importantly, we found that an integrated solution could leverage all the information coming out of the payment system itself. In other words, through careful integration, we can give merchants the kind of CRM system normally available only to big retail and hospitality. What we offer helps smaller merchants punch far above their weight.” - Massimo Sirolla, CEO of Loyalzoo